• Peter Lewis

The Double Weapons of the Filipino Martial Arts

The importance of developing strong basic techniques is often conveyed during the martial arts journey by those who started before us. Within the Filipino martial arts, where training often involves the use of impact or bladed weapons, developing the fundamental techniques is especially important.

Subsequent blog posts will provide a clear and detailed overview of the fundamental techniques of double weapon training, known generally within the Filipino martial arts as sinawali. Common to most systems of the indigenous martial arts of the Philippines, sinawali is used as an early vehicle to developing excellent coordination skills with both sides of the body. Latterly, sinawali develops highly effective combative skills, both with and without weapons and can easily be viewed as a complete martial art in its own right. With a focus on the basic downward X, upward X and C striking patterns,

The next posts will outline the background, structure and development of each technique, as well as provide options for the translation of skills to other weapon categories and empty-hand defensive strategies.

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