Filipino Martial Arts - Deadly Thrusts

Luha Redonda

This is a deceptively aggressive and effective technique that is less commonly found within the sinawali (woven or to weave) category of the Filipino martial arts. The name of luha redonda (teardrop thrusts with whirlwind) in indicative of the fast and destructive nature of the technique but is not reflective of the aggressive nature of the low and high thrusts contained within this strategically advanced move in the doble baston (double sticks) category. This technique is informed by the solo baston (single stick) methods of tulay (bridge thrust), lagusan (tunnel thrust) and serrada bagsak (closed side downward diagonal strike). Luha redonda influences the more advanced techniques of luha salisi (criss-cross thrusts) and tulay palis palis abaniko (bridge thrust with double parry and fan strike).

Begin luha redonda (teardrop thrusts with whirlwind) from a left stance and with both sticks held in a high abierta (open) chamber at shoulder height. The first technique is tulay (bridge thrust) which utilises a simultaneous left parry and right midsection thrust from the sabayan (synchronised or simultaneous) category of techniques. Parry with the left stick from a high abierta origin towards a conclusion at a middle serrada (closed) location above the right bicep. While making the parry, the right stick thrusts slightly upwards from a low right abierta point towards the centreline at stomach height. Withdraw the left foot to the right foot while hacking or checking forwards with the left stick held in an almost horizontal position and with the tip of the stick pointing to the right. The technique leads with the middle knuckles of the left hand for a blade alignment and for the structural stability of the technique.

Step forwards with the right foot into a right stance and commence the delivery of a lagusan (tunnel thrust) technique by making a left parry from high abierta to high serrada with the tip of the stick pointing upwards. As the parry nears its conclusion, the right stick is thrust over the top of the left arm from a high right abierta origin towards the centreline at chest height and with the right palm facing down. At the point of impact the right stick withdraws to a middle right serrada position above the left arm. Remain in the right stance and deliver a left serrada bagsak (closed side downward diagonal strike) which has a trajectory from a high left serrada origin to conclude at a low left abierta position near to the left hip before turning to chamber with the tip of the stick pointing up. Finally, execute a right serrada bagsak (closed side downward diagonal strike) which travels from a high right serrada position and concludes in a high right abierta location at head height.

Move 1 of Luha Redonda

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